Collen Chartier, Gathering,
archival inject print edition of 7, 10 x 8"

Millee Tibbs, Impossible Geometries (Grand Canyon), 2014, Archival Digital Print and Thread, 7.5 x 11"

current project

Colleen Chartier, Bryce Andrews, Millee Tibbs

Opening Reception:

Saturday, February 6, 2016 3-5pm




Drive-By Projects, 81 Spring Street, Watertown, MA


Thursdays 12-4pm and by appointment.

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Drive-By Projects is pleased to present The West, an exhibition including photographs by both Millee Tibbs and Colleen Chartier and a collaborative installation by Chartier and her son, the author Bryce Andrews. The exhibition addresses issues surrounding the use and preservation of land in the American West. This vast wilderness acts as the backdrop for the still evolving narrative, part myth/part reality, that defines "The West."

During the last ten years, Colleen Charier has traveled frequently to the remote Montana ranches where her son has worked, photographing along the way with her cell phone camera. In contrast to traditional, large-format landscape photographs, Chartier's capture the immediacy of glimpsed yet unforgettable scenes as seen through the eyes of a reverent nomad.

Chartier's son Bryce Andrews lives and works in Montana. His recent book, Bad Luck Way: A Year Living on the Ragged Edge of the West, documents his experiences as a novice ranch hand in southwestern Montana. The New York Times Book Review says, "The beauty of this book is how such a personal story reflects larger issues about the American West." Andrews and Chartier work together on the installation Broadside Collaboration: Winter Hills, which occupies Drive-by Projects' double storefront.

Impossible Geometries, Millee Tibbs's stitched photographs of iconic western landscapes literally puncture the illusions of these postcard-like vistas. Carefully stitched, geometric shapes bring the eye to the surface of the photographs as Tibbs plays with the idea of three-dimensional representations held inside a two-dimensional surface. Continuing her investigation of identity and meaning, she asks us to reassess these larger-than-life landscapes from a more analytical point of view.

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Sophia Narrett, She Whispered and They Tried Things on (detail)

Upcoming Project

Drive-By Projects' upcoming project, Nature Gone Wrong, opens April 3rd and features work by Sophia Narrett, Judith Belzer, Tanya Chaly and Soe Yu Nwe.

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Image credit: Sophia Narrett, She Whispered and They Tried Things on (detail), 2014, Embroidery Thread and Fabric, 28 x 45"

Mary Sherman, Eri, After Dark

Mary Sherman

Eri, After Dark
Sound: Benoit Granier
10" x 10" x 6"
Ribbon, magnet, wooden box, ink on paper (doubling as a speaker membrane), motors, star LEDs, sound module, aluminum and microprocessor, magnetic sensor

Exhibition Venues
Drive-by Projects, Watertown, MA, 2016

New York University’s Loewe Theater, Electrified Data, 2015

Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, On Native Music, Beijing, China (organized by Benoit Granier), 2012

Beijing Forestry University, X-Dialogue, Part 2, Beijing, China, 2012

Bryce Andrews, Badluck Way

Bryce Andrews

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Bryce Andrews migrated east toward the American West. After a decade spent managing ranches in the more remote corners of Montana, he published his first book, Badluck Way, with Simon and Schuster in 2014.

"My writing, like the work of ranching, exists on the ragged edge of the domesticated world. I am fascinated by the difficult, complex and reciprocal relationship between humans, wild animals and place."